Thank you so much

Busano after K 2019

Hi Stefano, I was very satisfied. The chef is a special guy. The menu was perfect, Liz was excellent in her work, Gaia and Mauro fantastic. For next edition I


Losma Spa after Emo 2019

Hi Marika,Everything was fine and Ilenia has been very professionalThank youLosma Spa Other feedbacks Losma Spa after Emo 2019 Ms Printing Solutions after Itma 2019 GDN Srl event 2019 H2G


GDN Srl event 2019

Good morning Federica,the event went very well, thank you.The decorations were beautiful, the quality of the food met the expectations and the staff has been very professional.Our boss was very


Orizio Srl after Itma 2019

Hi Stefano, in our opinion the service was excellent especially because the staff was really up to it, the personnel is very professional, we are very satisfied, in case we


Epson after Itma 2019

Hi Benoit, I confirm the positive feedback regarding the service received during ITMA 2019. I already said thanks to Mauro and Stefano for the effort made during the event to


ReeR Spa after Sps 2019

Good morning,I wanted to congratulate with you for the catering service done at our stand during the fair in Parma.Your staff was efficient and very kind.Thanks again to Francesca and


PM – Group after Bauma 2019

Hi Benny, the feedback during Bauma 2019 is the following: Staff: very helpful, attentive to every detail at all times. Excellent presentation. Organization: perfect. Availability: always and at any time,


Oesse Srl after Bauma 2019

Hi Stefano, we were satisfied with the service. The quality of the products was good and the assortment varied. The service was perfect: Anas was polite, careful, helpful, precise and


Earth Panda after Sps 2018

Dear Mrs. Garone, Thank you for your cooperation during the SPS. Your colleague Cristina gave us very professional service, she is amazing. Thanks to Cristina and all your team. Earth


Fapim Spa after Veteco 2018

Good afternoon Federica, my colleague told me about the excellent service that your staff has given to our stand at the Veteco fair, in particular the service provided from Cristina,


Isoli Spa after Bauma 2019

Good morning Stefano, It all went really well, even the customer complimented us since the first day of the fair, Elisa was helpful and meticulous. Isoli Other feedbacks ReeR Spa


Dab Pumps after MCE 2018

Dear Benny, The service was great as usual, I didn’t have any complaints, only positive notes. And with all the people we host, this means having done an excellent job.


Ima Spa dopo Interpack 2017

Dear, We would like to thank you for the great work and collaboration at the Interpack 2017! Executives, customers, and employees all liked and praised your service, both in terms


Euronda Spa after Ids 2017

Hi Conny, Here’s my feedback: drum roll …. everyone was great! I’d like to congratulate the girls and Mauro, really professional and kind. Willingness and organization were outstanding! I thank


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